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Hey there,

I hope you are doing well, and thank you to those that are sending in stories from my last message.

I gave you a little homework last time and I want to give you another idea as well

First off you need to ask yourself

Do you fall prey to the diet binge eating cycle?

I talk everyday with people who do so I know it exist and can be very common

Research even shows us that if you take a healthy individual who eats well balanced meals and place them on a diet they will in time turn into a binger!

I have seen it first hand, and I have even fallen into the trap myself.  Shocking right?

So why do we binge?  Well it’s actually simple.  You cut your calories and starve yourself.  This means a depletion of nutrients such as protein, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

So after dieting for say about 3 weeks your body says enough is enough.  Then you binge!  Following your binge are feelings of

“I have no self control”

“What is wrong with me”

“I am disgusting”

“I am a shame”

None of these thoughts are true.  What is true is that you neglected your body the nutrients it needed and in return your body did what nature intended it to do.

Most people don’t understand this process and they continue the negative self talk and they go through the same process again, and again, and again, they binge so then they diet again, but then they binge because of the neglect, so then they starve again until they feel there is no hope for them!


You just need to do things differently

Instead try giving your body what it needs.  This is what all of our clients in our semi private training groups do.  They give their body the right amount of calories and the right nutrients.

And it works

Take this as your homework.

Observe why you binge.  Observe the feelings that come with it.  Observe when you binge.

I will leave you with this.  The definition of insanity “repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Think about it today

Committed to your health and wellness

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