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Today, there are many Stem Cell procedures on the market. It is a challenge to differentiate Regenexx® Stem Cell process from this burgeoning field. Recently, the FDA made this a little easier, by beginning to sanction adipose derived stem cells clinics (which the FDA considers manufacturing a drug without a license) and Embryonic Stem Cells (which the FDA considers a fraud as there are no stem cell in this tissue).

However, the real reason to choose the Regenexx® Stem Cell process from others on the market are vast:

  • Regenexx® was the first and is the largest musculoskeletal stem company in the world.
  • Regenexx® has produced a staggering 51% of the world’s research on stem cells.
  • Regenexx® physicians are experts in Interventional Orthopedics. They receive in-house training from Regenexx® Colorado at least 3 times a year and undergo ongoing training to ensure that all Regenexx® Procedures are performed the same way by all physicians within the Regenexx® nationwide network.
  • All Regenexx® physicians use ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance to harvest bone marrow and to place stem cells from the bone marrow to the exact source of the problem.
  • Continuous innovation is part of the Regenexx® Stem Cell process so that advances in the field of musculoskeletal stem cell medicine can be applied to your treatment ensuring the best possible results.
  • We treat more areas of the body including the spine than anyone else, period.
  • We customize your treatment to suit your condition. In our office, our “freestanding laboratory” is used to concentrate your platelets and stem cell to a much higher level than any other provider, most of whom use “bed side” centrifuges to obtain their less highly concentrated stem cells. Whereas some stem cell providers, other than Regenexx®, may treat knees and hips, for instance, will likely not use guidance and will just stick the needle into the affected joint, leaving the stem cells floating within the joint making it less likely that they will affix to the site of injury.

At Regenerative and Performance Specialists, we use autologous stem cells and platelets which come from your blood and bone marrow. We do not use products that are not from you so that there is no chance of rejection or infection.

So in conclusion, why take a chance on inferior processes from people who may not even be physicians, when you can have the best treatment option available using your own biologics enabling you to heal yourself, get rid of pain and get back to doing what you enjoy most out of life. Call us today at 412-963-6480 to learn how we can make this a reality for you!

– Dr. Paul Lieber

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