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An online article in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that walking speed can be a consistent predictor of survival length and rehabilitation needs. It is a tool to evaluate the life expectancy of those who get around independently. The more walking we do, the more mobility and function we maintain. Longevity and health come down to one basic concept…Movement!

At Regenerative and Performance Specialists (RAPS), our goal is to keep people functioning at the best level possible regardless of age. We have helped everyone from teenaged athletes, to weekend warriors, and even folks in their 90s stay active and continue participating in the activities that they love. So how do we do this? Well, we offer a comprehensive approach starting with the fact that our doctors are all specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation and have a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal system. As a partner of Regenexx®, we also offer the latest technology in regenerative treatment. This is a way to use one’s own cells (platelets or stem cells) to heal and repair the damage area(s). By combining our background with the latest technology, we offer patients a long term solution to reduce pain and increase function. This long term solution does not utilize steroids to reduce inflammation, as they ultimately degenerate the surrounding tissue.

Reducing pain is only one part of the story and having less pain certainly makes it more tolerable to be more active. Only through exercise does one build strength. To that end, RAPS offers a medical fitness program called MedFit. This program offers metabolic testing, body composition assessments, and functional movement screenings. Once testing is complete, an individual-specific program can then be developed. This is a hands-on, medically guided program for people of all fitness levels. Check it out Medfit website or call Quinn Favo at 412-963-6480!

– Melissa Erin, PA-C

– Sarah Rowling, PA-C

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