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Most people suffer from low back pain at some point during their lives. Many people have chronic low back problems that have never responded to traditional treatment, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. These people end up either in a pain clinic, on narcotic medications, or having a surgical procedure that does not solve their problem and often makes things worse. Traditional spinal injections can provide temporary relief, but do nothing for long-term healing. The question then becomes, is there a better way?

Most traditional pain specialists focus only on reducing the pain and not on understanding why the pain is there in the first place. Pain cannot just be looked at as an inflamed nerve, but rather as an entire body segment that isn’t functioning properly. Here at Regenerative and Performance Specialists, we understand the difference. Our treatments focus on the entire lumbar spine, using a combination of regenerative procedures, and not just focusing on what nerve we can block.

Platelets are the healing cells in the blood and when used properly in the lumbar spine, they have the ability to heal various damaged tissues. We use platelets in the epidural space, facet and sacroiliac joints, and in all of the supporting ligaments of the spine to provide a comprehensive healing approach to the entire lumbar region. A combination of platelet injections and an active therapy/exercise program will lead to a stable spine. A stable spine is one that doesn’t cause pain, and more importantly enables our patients to function to their full potential.

As someone who has been treating low back pain for more than 20 years, I have seen the difference. Now that we have added regenerative treatment options to our low back treatments, my patients are experiencing significantly improved long-term benefits. I am no longer seeing people back every 3 months for a pain procedure, rather every year for an update on their progress. This has been one of the most exciting changes in our practice and I am happy to be making such a difference in people’s lives. We invite you to learn about some of our successes in our patient testimonies and call us today us at 412-963-6480 to learn how you can be our next success story!

– Dr. Marc Adelsheimer

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