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Many different practitioners are using a variety of platelet-based (PRP) and stem cell treatments for typical orthopedic problems. If you browse the Internet, you’ll find any number of clinics all proclaiming that they’re the “best.” However, if you look more closely, you’ll see that Regenexx clearly outweighs the competition when it comes to treatment options and quality.
Regenexx is nation-wide group of physicians, including Pittsburgh, that use the same stem cell and platelet-treatment protocols to treat a variety of orthopedic issues. As a group, we fund a university-style research facility headquartered in Colorado, which publishes over 50% of the research behind these treatments world-wide. Regenexx also has the world’s largest registry tracking patient outcomes. This provides data being gathered throughout the network to be utilized in improving treatment outcomes.
One important aspect that sets Regenexx apart is how cells are processed and counted. Most physicians offering FDA-compliant regenerative cell therapies either use an automated bedside centrifuge or an in-house laboratory to process samples. Regenexx strictly processes all cell products utilizing an in-house laboratory in the way the peer-reviewed literature shows maximizes stem cell yield (up to 10-20 times). The majority of non Regenexx practitioners have no ability to count the cell number they’re harvesting. For PRP treatments, the standard bedside centrifuge will usually yield about 5-7 times the normal concentration. Our in-house lab processing can achieve up to 20 times the normal concentration, allowing for variability to make the treatment more appropriate for the individual.
Amniotic stem cells are also touted by some as the treatment of choice for orthopedic problems. Patients should take caution with this for several reasons. There is no third-party published data that shows that these injections contain any live or functional stem cells. Amniotic stem cell processing, shipping, and delivery raises concerns regarding the integrity of the final product. Overall, any effect experienced from the amniotic formulations is unclear.
Another important consideration is how these treatments are administered. If you are having an injection, you want the practitioner performing that procedure to be certified. You also want them using specialized imaging guidance in the form of ultrasound and flouroscopy to deliver the injection. You don’t want guess-work when it comes to these injections being administered, even by the most skilled clinician. Our practitioners are all MD/DO trained and certified in performing these procedures precisely, effectively, and safely.
Our Pittsburgh-based practice has a wealth of experience treating orthopedic conditions since we have been doing these treatments far longer than anyone else in the area.  Since 2012, we have performed thousands of stem cell and PRP procedures. Many of the procedures we offer are unique to our medical group and are not widely taught. Unlike a medical practice that claims to be the “experts” in performing regenerative treatments, we are quite different, as the evidence shows. Everything from the back-end lab research to the way cells are acquired, processed, and reinjected is more advanced than what is being commonly performed by other practitioners.

– Dr. Jesse Sally

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