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“I think I hurt my rotor cup!”I hear this complaint a lot in the clinic. First of all, what is your “rotor cup?” Well, it’s actually your ROTATOR CUFF which is comprised of 4 muscles/tendons that help rotate the arm and stabilize the shoulder. Injury to one or more of the tendons is a common result of wear and tear. It can often be seen in people with jobs that require a lot of overhead activity such as construction or painting. Athletes are also prone to injury in the rotator cuff, especially baseball players and tennis players. Not all rotator cuff injuries are due to a tear. Often times there is inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis) or the fluid filled sac (bursitis). When there is a tear, it can involve one or more tendons and it can tear part of the tendon or be a complete thickness tear. Physical exam is especially important in forming a diagnosis. Imaging such as X-rays and MRI can aid in the diagnosis as well. Surgery is not the only option! Physical therapy is \ important to address underlying mechanical issues and muscle weakness. Cortisone injections can be performed under ultrasound guidance to help reduce inflammation. Other cutting-edge treatment like platelets and stem cells are great alternatives to surgery for repairing tears. Find out what the team at Regenexx Pittsburgh can do for you!

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