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BOTOX® is the first FDA-approved preventative treatment for Chronic Migraine and the #1 prescribed branded treatment for Chronic Migraine. It prevents headaches and migraines before they even start, unlike treatments taken once a headache or migraine has begun.

BOTOX® for Chronic Migraines

Chronic Migraine is different from other migraine conditions. Episodic migraines occur in less than half the days of a calendar month. They are also short term and less severe than a Chronic Migraine.

Chronic Migraine by the numbers:

  • 3.3 million adults in the U.S. live with Chronic Migraine
  • 15+ headache days a month (both headaches and migraines)
  • 8+ days of those 15+ associated with migraine
  • 4+ hours of headache per headache day
BOTOX is an FDA-approved solution to Chronic Migraine that can help prevent headaches and migraines before they start. Since 2010, over 500,000 patients received 2 million BOTOX treatments. These injections resulted in an average of 8 to 9 FEWER headache and migraine/probably migraine days a month after only 2 treatments at 24 weeks.
The BOTOX treatment process is safe, simple and can be done in as little as 15 minutes. The injection process is completed via small, thin needles, in a normal exam room, and completed in just two treatments, 12 weeks apart. Based on how well you respond to the treatment, our physicians will discuss your retreatment schedule.

BOTOX Treatment Journey

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