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Kimberly Punjack

Regenexx Patient Liason

Kimberly Punjack is a native to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She started her career as a corporate sales trainer for a global cosmetic company. Kim was responsible for launching new centers in an overall effort to bring the company’s services to every emerging market in the U.S. It was there that Kim spent several years delivering top notch solutions to her clientele. Kimberly shifted her focus to integrative healthcare management for a regional company focusing on holistic wellness services. She was able to help numerous individuals meet their healthcare needs through Physical Therapy, Pain Management, and Weight Loss goals.

Currently, Kimberly is the Regenexx patient liaison at Regenexx Pittsburgh managing Regenexx patient services. Kim’s primary focus is to educate the center’s clientele on best practices for interventional orthopedic regenerative procedures. She helps breakdown the complexities of the procedures into everyday understanding. Kimberly evaluates each patient on a case-by-case basis holistically to find the appropriate safe solution to his/her health concern.

Kimberly has over a decade of experience helping individuals find the best solutions to meet their healthcare goals. She understands there is not a one size fits all approach to healthcare. Every person has different goals and is at a different place in their lives. Kim has the experience and knowledge to make sure you meet your next healthcare needs.

Feel free to contact Kimberly at 412-963-6480 with questions about any of our interventional orthopedic regenerative procedures!