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Back Pain?
Do you have any of these common lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) symptoms?
Pain or numbness in lower back when standing
Pain, numbness or tingling in legs or buttocks when walking
Can only stand or walk for a limited time
LSS is a condition in which the lower spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal nerves in the lower back.
Remove the Kink in the Straw
The compressing of the spinal nerves in the lower back caused by LSS can be best visualized as a “kink in a drinking straw”. With the mild® outpatient procedure, the doctor uses an imaging machine and specialized tools to remove the tissue that is causing the kink or compression.
Spinal Canal with Kink
Compressed Spinal Canal
Spinal Canal without Kink
Healthy Spinal Canal

The mild® Procedure removes a major root cause of LSS to improve back and leg pain

Is the mild® Procedure right for you?

Stand 7x Longer | Walk 16x Farther

This under 5-minute video shows an overview of the mild® outpatient procedure, and what to expect after it. See results of clinical studies that show patients can stand 7x longer and walk 16x farther after mild®.

Photo of woman suffering with back pain
An Hour May Change Everything

The mild® Procedure typically takes less than an hour and can be performed through a single, tiny incision smaller than the size of a baby aspirin (5.1 mm). Patients normally resume normal activities within 24 hours with no restrictions.

Safe and Efficient
mild® is an FDA-cleared outpatient procedure.

No implants.

Symtom Icon Walking

No general anesthesia.

No stitches.

No steroids or opioids.

Patients typically resume normal activity within 24 hours with no restrictions.
mild® is nationally covered by Medicare (all ages, all plan types) nationwide and many commercial insurers are currently reviewing payment policies.
Older woman smiling
See if you’re a candidate for mild®
Happy Senior Man
Some images and the “What to expect” video courtesy of Vertos Medical