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Patient Testimonials

Peter, 54, Medical Training Executive

“I came to RAPS after having 3 meniscus repair surgeries over the last 10 years and too many dislocated ankles to count,” recalls Peter when thinking back on why he called the team at RAPS. “I was tired of not being able to walk 18 holes of golf without being in constant pain let alone just getting out of bed and walking down stairs.”

Julie, Blogger/Yoga Instructor/Activist

Since 2012 Blogger/Yoga Instructor/Activist Julie Cerrone has been sentenced to crutches. This Christmas is going to be different. Julie shares her remarkable journey that defied traditional medicine and gave her the amazing gift of walking.

Mary, 68, Retired Teacher

Mary had the procedure July 2015 and felt relief quickly.

“I was surprised at how little pain I had when the bone marrow was harvested. It really was not bad at all,” she says. “I was also surprised that the injection treatments worked!”

Joe Young

Time was passing Joe by for years following his car accident. Unable to walk and in chronic pain, Joe turned to Regenexx® for advanced knee therapy using his own bone marrow concentrate (containing stem cells). This is his story and his return to activity.

Jim Joshowitz

Regenexx Pittsburgh patient Jim Joshowitztells his story of debilitating knee pain and his return to normal life following his Regenexx non-surgical injection-based procedure.

Mike Goro

Mike Goro received the proprietary non-surgical injection-based procedure known as “Regenexx.” This is his story.

Jarvis Green

Two time Super Bowl Champ Jarvis Green’s story. From a young boy struggling to get through a football practice, to a 2X Super Bowl Champion, Jarvis tells his story of pain and struggle following surgery, and his return to form following a Regenexx Procedure utilizing his own bone marrow concentrate (containing stem cells).

Ryan Johnston

Drake University’s Ryan Johnston shares his experience with the Regenexx SCP procedure following a devastating injury

Man with knee pain

John K, Active 70-Year-Old, Former Upper Level Manager

After seeing four family members go through full knee replacement surgeries, John researched alternatives.

“When you think of the Big Picture, it was almost a ‘No Brainer’ if I wanted to keep my natural knee. In the three Step Process, I came out fine and was impressed with the staff and Dr. Sally, who performed the procedure.”