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Peter, 54, Medical Training Executive and Recreational Sport Enthusiast

  • Diagnosis – Multiple meniscus surgeries
  • Treatment Areas – Right Knee and Right Ankle
  • Procedure Dates – October 2016

Before Stem Cell Therapy

“I came to RAPS after having 3 meniscus repair surgeries over the last 10 years and too many dislocated ankles to count,” recalls Peter when thinking back on why he called the team at RAPS. “I was tired of not being able to walk 18 holes of golf without being in constant pain let alone just getting out of bed and walking down stairs.”

Years earlier he had given up playing basketball and tennis due to the pain, but continued to try and enjoy the occasional softball game or round of golf. Often times, struggling through so much pain that the pleasure he got from these activities disappeared. That’s when he gave RAPS a call.

“I called Dr. Adelsheimer and talked with him and he told me he could make it all go away. Ok, not that simple but at the end of the conversation I scheduled my appointment.” Peter explains. “I have known him for a very long time and he was very honest about what to expect, the risks, the rewards, the rehab process after the procedure, what to expect during the procedure.”  

In order to, “be able to enjoy the rest of my life without being in constant pain every time I walked,” Peter moved forward with the procedures.

After Stem Cell Therapy

Peter had the procedures October 2016.

“I spent about 4 months doing rehab – which you have to commit to doing otherwise do not waste your (time) – consisting of walking and then light running in a pool for the first month, followed by very light weight training and conditioning to strengthen the knee and ankle for the next month and slowly adding on additional training and by end of 4 months I was fully on my own doing as I wanted.”

Two and a half years later and Peter feels, “outstanding.”

He’s traded regular softball games for vacationing with his family and comfortably walking 18 holes and carrying his golf bag. “A small tradeoff for a lifetime of being able to walk with no pain. This was the best decision I ever made regarding my knee and ankle.” 

“Thank you to everyone at RAPS for making a difference in my life.”