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The age of your body's live stem cells does not affect stem cell treatment success

If You’re Asking “Are My Stem Cells Too Old?”
Here are 6 Questions to Help You Determine Which Stem Cell Clinic You Can Trust

Some patients ask, “are my stem cells too old?” We know right away when we hear this that these potential patients were led to believe that stem cells from birth tissues (amniotic, placental and umbilical cord blood products) are younger than the live stem cells produced by their own aging bodies.

When it Comes to Use of Stem Cells for Osteoarthritis, Do Your Due Diligence

All Stem Cell Clinics are Not Created Equal

Download the article.

There has been a proliferation of stem cell clinics around the U.S. and Pittsburgh is no exception. Download the one-page “Do your due diligence” article for a brief history of stem cell treatment (it’s been around for more than 25 years), and a caution about seeking treatment from stem cell clinics that prey on false hopes and promise treatment of everything from macular degeneration, to COPD, to erectile dysfunction, and of course your osteoarthritis.

“Know that amniotic, placental and umbilical cord blood products have proven to be dead tissue,
and typically do not contain any live stem cells. (1).”


All Stem Cell Clinics are Not Created Equal

Download the checklist

6 Questions to help you decide which clinic you can trust

All stem cell clinics are not created equal. If you’re considering alternatives to orthopedic surgical procedures, download the one-page checklist of 6 questions to ask of your stem cell procedure provider to help you decide which clinic you can trust.

Stem Cell Registry: Age Does Not Affect Stem Cell Treatment Success

The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) Patient Registry Database is a tool developed to assist physician providers, with long-term patient tracking (outcomes, complications and side effects) for practice improvement. Similar registries exist for other areas of medicine, such as joint replacements, cancer and other surgical procedures. Together, U.S. Regenexx clinics have the world’s largest orthobiologic clinical outcomes registry. At our Pittsburgh practice we continue to monitor whether older patients undergoing procedures using their own live stem cells results in less successful outcomes. The registry data is telling us that when we use your body’s own live stem cells, with precise injections (via guidance with ultrasound and fluoroscopy), that age does not seem to affect stem cell treatment success. We can discuss with you the outcomes for knee, spine, shoulder and other joint pain.

Don’t Leave Stem Cell Treatments to Chance

If you’ve been told your stem cells are too old, you may be aligning with the wrong clinic. All we ask is that you don’t leave stem cell treatments up to chance. As one of my successful patients said to me, regarding advice for prospective stem cell patients, “Do your due diligence.”

If you would like to find if Regenexx stem cell treatment is right for you, please get in touch with us.

(1) Alberto J Panero, Alan M Hirahara, Wyatt J Andersen, Joshua Rothenberg, Fernando Fierro. Are Amniotic Fluid Products Stem Cell Therapies? A Study of Amniotic Fluid Preparations for Mesenchymal Stem Cells With Bone Marrow Comparison. Am J Sports Med. 2019 Apr;47(5):1230-1235. doi: 10.1177/0363546519829034. Epub 2019 Mar 7.