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North Shore shot of the Ft. Pitt Bridge in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Don’t Miss the 5 Best Fall Foliage Hike/Bike Trails Due to Joint Pain

I’m an avid cyclist, and fall is simply one of the most beautiful times for biking and hiking. So, in honor of the Pittsburgh area’s breathtaking fall, we’ve compiled five gorgeous hiking and biking spots in the area that are sure to give you the best view of the changing foliage.

Although these hiking/biking trails are easy to get to, you can’t view them by car. So enjoy our suggestions, but if joint pain prevents you from seeing them, please consider a nonsurgical regenerative interventional orthopedic procedure, so you never again miss enjoying our beautiful fall foliage.

Timing: When to Tackle the Trail

Scheduling your initial new patient exam this fall for a regenerative interventional orthopedic procedure may not have you biking through fall foliage, you will likely be completely ready to take on Thanksgiving and the traditional winter holidays.

According to the 2021 Fall Foliage Prediction Map [1], experts predict the leaves in Allegheny County will begin changing in the last week of September and reach their peak beauty in the last week of October this year.

Top 5 Pittsburgh Hiking & Biking Trails to Watch the Colors Change this Fall

1. Moraine State Park

Photo from: https://www.wtae.com/article/the-best-places-to-see-fall-foliage-in-western-pennsylvania/29326371#


Only about 40 minutes North of the ‘Burgh, Moraine State Park is known for its gently rolling hills, lush forests, and sparkling waters. You can bike the paved, seven-mile trail from the Bicycle Rental to the Davis Hollow Marina, climb to the top of the Jacksville Esker Glacial Deposit just north of the park, or hike the Glacier Ridge Trail for spectacular scenic overlooks [2]. No matter what you choose to do at Moraine, you’re sure to be surrounded by gorgeous yellows, oranges, and reds come mid-October.

2. Ohiopyle State Park

Some of the most gorgeous autumn views in Western Pennsylvania include the winding waters of the Youghiogheny River snaking through Ohiopyle State Park. If white water rafting on the “Yough” isn’t your thing, you can embark on a backpacking trip on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail or even bike part of the Great Allegheny Passage – a 150 mile trail connecting Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C.. About an hour and half southeast from the heart of Pittsburgh, the park is also riddled with sheer rock faces perfect for natural rock climbing [3].

3. Raccoon Creek State Park

Photo from: https://www.pittsburghbeautiful.com/2017/09/04/5-places-to-check-out-fall-foliage-around-pittsburgh/

If you’re looking for trail options varying in length and difficulty, Racoon Creek State Park will not disappoint with its 44 miles of hiking trails and 17 miles of biking trails. A short 50 minute drive west of the city, this park is rich with history and often reports wildlife sightings of raccoons, beaver, mink, or muskrats. Chosen by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) as one of “Twenty Must-See Pennsylvania State Parks,” Raccoon is a great place to get lost in the fall colors and connect with nature this season [4].


4. Frick Park

Photo From: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/pennsylvania/pittsburgh/pleasant-valley-trail-hike-pgh/

Bikers, dog-walkers, and hikers alike will fall in love with Frick Park for its proximity to the city – only a 20 minute drive east. It is the largest municipal park in Pittsburgh, covering 644 acres and is also home of Blue Slide Park – famously associated with the late rapper Mac Miller who grew up playing there [5]. This park is not only a symbol of Pittsburgh pride, but also the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown and immerse yourself in autumn beauty.

5. Pymatuning State Park

Last but certainly not least on our list is Pymatuning State Park. At 16,892 acres, it is one of the largest parks and camping areas in the Commonwealth. You can hike or bike the Spillway trail to catch a perfect view of the sun setting behind vast arrays of changing trees. Late fall marks the mating season for white-tailed deer. Their activity and movement increase in the park at this time, making Pymatuning perfect for wildlife watch in addition to fall foliage viewing. Nearly a two-hour drive north from Pittsburgh, this park is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Is Joint Pain Causing You to Miss Out this Fall?

Are you unable to participate in fall activities such as hiking and biking due to chronic joint pain? If so, you are not alone. According to the CDC, about 50.2 million people in the U.S. are living with chronic pain as we speak. Of this shocking number, about 41% are enduring back pain and 44% are suffering from hip, knee or foot pain [7].

Many people believe that invasive surgery or  prescription meds are the only treatment options available to ease chronic joint pain, and are not willing to take on the risks or lengthly recovery timelines that these options require.

Trust Regenexx Pittsburgh to Put You Back in the Game

Before you consider invasive orthopedic surgery, and the risks and lengthy recovery surgery requires, please consider a nonsurgical Regenexx regenerative interventional orthopedic procedure. You can say goodbye to your pain and ensure this is the last autumn you have to miss out on fun activities and breathtaking views. Regenexx offers regenerative procedures that are safe, non-invasive, and require little to no downtime from your day-to day-activities. You can check out what some of our patients had to say about their Regenexx experience here.

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