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Inflammation; friend or foe

Inflammation is necessary for life. It enables us to fight diseases revving our immune system. It promotes healing through a process called “the inflammatory cascade”. But when it comes to inflammation, what’s good, what’s bad and what’s just plain awful. Too much inflammation can be a killer!

For example, a diet high in processed foods, empty carbohydrates, heavily meat based, processed foods and food high in saturated fats may clog your arteries, infiltrate your liver and kill you slowly over time. Or, you can dine at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas and die a quicker more fulfilling death; just check out the menu. All kidding aside, eating an inflammatory diet will affect every aspect of your health including your joints and spine.

Also, following recommendations of most physicians and taking NSAID’s chronically such as ibuprofen, or Aleve will ultimately rob your joints of their capacity to heal, ultimately damaging your joints over the course of time.

We at Regenexx Pittsburgh promote heathy inflammation. Aside from a healthy diet, and supplements such as fish oil, turmeric and our Advanced Stem Cell Support Formula, we offer procedures with your own stem cells and platelet rich plasma that introduce a healthy inflammatory healing response that will improve the internal environment of your joints. These treatments will reduce your pain, improve your joint mobility and function, ultimately returning you to the activities that give meaning to your life.

Just check us out at: Regenexx Pittsburgh. Com. Your joints and spine will love you for it!

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