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As I review the literature on stem cell treatment for musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, I’m impressed by how much new information comes out on a daily basis indicating how mesenchymal stem cells grow cartilage in the face of osteoarthritis and also change the micro-environment within the joint that is being treated.

I think that patients can be optimistic about the outcome of their stem cell treatment as a result.  The evolution of stem cell treatment for musculoskeletal conditions including the spine is one that is profoundly influenced by research that that is currently being done.

Today’s stem cell treatment will not be the same treatment that we will be performed in the future. Cutting edge treatment for musculoskeletal conditions must be guided by research in order to succeed.  Unfortunately, today, there is a lot of stem cell treatment out there which is either not stem cell treatment or not guided by research.  Ultimately, this may put a blemish on the entire field.

There is “truth” in scientific research that cannot be denied.  This “scientific truth” may have a profound influence on insurance companies and the FDA ultimately approving and paying for his treatments.  If too many “bad actors” negatively influence the outcome of these treatments, I’m afraid that Neither FDA approval or insurance company payment will occur.

At this time, Regenexx stem cell treatments are FDA compliant and continue to be based on research.  These treatments are currently being accepted by self-insured businesses at a rapid pace, so that their employees may receive these state-of-the-art treatments in lieu of more costly, invasive and debilitating orthopedic surgical procedures.  I am certain that when enough of these businesses accept the Regenexx procedures, it will only be a matter of time before insurance companies jump on board with this.  However, at this time, it is impossible to predict when that will happen.