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PRP for Tennis Elbow and Other Joint Pain Keeps Active Grandparents Active

For grandparents, usually he most common chronic pain issues come from repetitive strain and overuse injuries to joints and muscles. One of the most common of these complaints is tennis elbow, or Lateral Epicondylitis – an overuse injury affecting the tendons in the outside of the elbow joint. And considering that COVID-19 likely restricted grandparents from making fun memories with their grandchildren this past year, the last thing you need is missing out on even more memories due to joint or muscle pains.

A List of Silly Fun for Active Grandparents Rekindling with Grandkids

A PRP tennis elbow or joint procedure in April, can have grandparents ready to make new memories with their grandchildren this spring. Use this list of silly grandparent/grandchild activities for inspiration: going on late night hikes or walks with flashlights, rolling down grassy hills, inventing yoga poses, or wrapping each other up with painter’s tape to name a few.

Tennis Elbow: One of the Most Common Injuries for Grandparents

The youngest grandparents average around 40 years old and by age 65, 96% of Americans have become grandparents [1]. For this age group tennis elbow is among the most common injury. Tennis elbow can be a sports injury common to athletes, as the name implies, but it can also be a problem for avid knitters, those working from home using a computer mouse and typing, and homeowners using tools for yard work, gardening, or home improvement projects. Essentially, any arm or hand motion done over and over again can irritate and injure the elbow tendons over time, causing weak grip strength, painful soreness, and a burning sensation in the outside of the elbow [2]. Tennis elbow makes activities like playing catch, rolling down grassy hills, doing arts and crafts, and even cooking with the grandchildren very uncomfortable or even impossible.

Elbow Surgery Vs. A Regenerative Procedure

If you are experiencing elbow pain, Regenexx Procedures are likely an excellent treatment option. In recent years, several studies have shown the effectiveness of platelet rich plasma in treating elbow tendon and ligament issues. In fact, these studies are so decisive that at this point in time, there are very few cases where surgery would be recommended for anything but the most severe elbow injuries [3]. Elbow surgery involves stitches and a splint or cast for at least two weeks following the procedure. During this time, there is no mobility in your arm and help is required for doing anything that usually takes two hands. Daily activities can be resumed in about 2-6 weeks and going back to work may take 3-12 weeks, depending on your job. On average, it takes about 3 to 6 months for all pain to fully subside and all elbow movement restored [4].

With Regenexx, the experience looks quite different: no stitches or cast, minimal discomfort, and little to no downtime from your daily activities, work, or playing with the grandkids. Our non-surgical procedures utilize Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which contains healing growth components from your own blood that increase your body’s natural ability to repair itself. Over 1130 elbow patients are being tracked in our Regenexx Patient Registry. Prior to treatment, these patients reported they were limited to an average of 69% of their optimal elbow function. After receiving treatment, they report averages up to 95% [5].

With the vaccine being distributed and states continuing to lift more and more COVID-19 restrictions, our nation’s full reopening is certainly on the horizon. Make up for time lost with the grandkids from the past year by getting your chronic elbow pain taken care of now before the nation fully reopens. To learn more and see if you’re a candidate for advanced orthobiologic elbow, shoulder, hip, knee or spine procedures with Regenexx, tap the “TALK TO AN EXPERT” button in the “Are You A Candidate” visual below.

We know it can be overwhelming to choose a solution for your pain, so if you’re a little earlier in your research process, perhaps you may benefit from attending a live webinar or seminar with one of our three Board Certified physicians.


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