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Grandma and grandchild planting in garden.What motivates us for choosing our leisure interests can be stress reduction, creativity, socializing or physical fitness. In most instances, there is a physical component to each activity such as painting, gardening, playing pickleball, golf or simply walking and taking in what nature has to offer. Regardless of the physical demand, joint or back pain can compromise the amount of enjoyment and satisfaction we experience. The source of the pain can lie in the natural process of aging or arthritis creeping in.

We may be stoic and take a few anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the discomfort. Sometimes we are told to, “just live with it.” Much of traditional treatment is just a “band-aid”, providing temporary relief, but not solving the problem. Worse yet, there can be side effects from those treatments. Surgery can be frightening with a long list of complications and an equally long recovery.

Perhaps it’s time to look in a new direction. Enable your body to heal itself, by using its natural stores of healing stem cells and platelets, concentrating them and then guiding them precisely to the site of injury to rejuvenate your ailing body parts. These simple injections, done with guidance, can heal tissues with minimal downtime and even less pain and give you your life back. There is no chance of rejection and infection when using you to treat you. So, schedule an evaluation at Regenexx Pittsburgh to understand the source of your pain and learn what treatments our board-certified physicians may have to offer you. We are dedicated to helping you get back to the activities that give you pure joy.