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Shown above: A typical Regenexx laboratory which has advanced far beyond automated bedside centrifuge units, which most doctors use today to prepare extracted stem cells.

7 Reasons Why Regenexx is Different from So-Called “Stem Cell Therapy Clinics”

As regenerative medicine has gained popularity over the last two decades, so-called “stem cell therapy clinics” have been popping up all over the country. Since 2005, Regenexx has set the bar and differentiated itself from these clinics through several distinct offerings: (1) inventor-level expertise, (2) a university-quality lab complex, (3) more concentrated and effective treatments, (4) the use of bone marrow concentrate containing a patient’s own live stem cells rather than scam “stem cells”, (5) a three-step vs. 1-step procedure, (6) the use of precision guided vs. blind image injections, and (7) transparency through publishing all research data.

Inventor-Level Expertise

Regenexx opened for business in 2005 led by CEO Dr. Christopher Centeno, a pain medicine physician in Broomfield, Colorado. Being the inventor of deriving bone marrow concentrate containing live stem cells in the United States, Regenexx has paved the way for stem cell therapy over the last 16 years through 65 franchises. In fact, many physicians or practices you see offering stem cell therapy today learned from someone who learned from someone who learned from Regenexx. Today, our Regenexx Pittsburgh location alone has performed well over 5,000 Regenexx procedures for our patients.

University-Level Quality Laboratory

Regenexx technology has advanced far beyond automated bedside centrifuge units, which most doctors use today to prepare extracted stem cells. This old bedside centrifuge technology limits the number of cells able to be derived from a given bone marrow sample. Instead, Regenexx partners are supported by an entire laboratory complex in Colorado. This facility, typical of a major university lab, allows Regenexx to do primary science using stem cells.

More Effective Treatments

Through our lab, we discovered a process (now patented by Regenexx) that allows all of our partners to deliver super-concentrated blood platelets, and the ability to extract 10-20 times more stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow concentrate per unit volume, compared with typical bedside centrifuges.

More stem cells mean more effective treatments. All Regenexx partners also offer sterile rooms, labs, instruments, and protocols to ensure that our patients’ comfort, safety, and effectiveness of  treatment is maximized.

Use of Bone Marrow Concentrate Containing Live Stem Cells

Our laboratory also allows us to research and verify the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of stem cell manufacturer’s products. One research example goes back to The Amniotic Stem Cell Scam a few years previously, in which sales representatives attempted to sell amniotic stem cell injections to Regenexx, claiming the product contained young, active stem cells and was effective in promoting the body’s natural healing

Regenexx was able to take the product and test it to determine whether or not it would live up its manufacturer’s claims, and found that these injections didn’t actually contain stem cells at all – but rather contained dead tissue, which would not be effective in treatment. Unfortunately, many doctors simply don’t have the same resources to verify treatment methods, and then subsequently they may administer ineffective injections like these to their patients.

Pictured above is a typical stem cell concentration from a patient’s bone marrow, compared with no stem cells found in a pure cord blood sample provided to Regenexx. Similarly, pictured below is Regenexx’s patented super-concentrated blood platelets (SCPs), compared with a platelet rich plasma sample that typically results from preparation in a bedside centrifuge. The SCP sample has successfully filtered out red blood cells and concentrated the healing platelets to a higher level.

Three-Step Injection Procedure

This advanced technology has also helped us develop a three-step injection procedure proven to be more effective than the one-step same-day injection procedures other clinics offer. You can think of our three step process like a farming metaphor: the first injection “tills the soil,” the second “plants the seed,” and the third “fertilizes.”

Precision-Guided Injections

Once the bone marrow concentrate is derived from the patient, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver injections through precision guided needles. Many doctors administer their treatments blindly, meaning they inject in the vicinity of an injury or pain point, but not precisely at the root. Regenexx utilizes precision ultrasound or fluoroscopic (real-time X-ray) technology to ensure the needle is guided to the specific pain point, maximizing the effectiveness of treatment.

Most Reputable, Researched and Published Procedure

Regenexx also distinguishes itself from other clinics through being fully transparent with all research and data derived from our own clinical trials and patient results data, sharing all findings with medical journals and undergoing peer-review. In fact, about one third of all literature that has been published and indexed in the United States International Library of Medicine from medical journals originates from Regenexx.

Trust the Experts: Find Out if a Regenexx Procedure is Right for You

There’s a lot of pain treatment options out there right now, and it’s important to know which ones are legitimate and which ones will waste your time, your money, and may even cost you your health. We want to help you decide if a procedure at Regenexx is right for you.To learn more and see if you’re a candidate for advanced orthobiologic elbow, shoulder, hip, knee or spine procedures with Regenexx, tap the “TALK TO AN EXPERT” button in the “Are You A Candidate” visual below.

We know it can be overwhelming to choose a solution for your pain, so if you’re a little earlier in your research process, perhaps you may benefit from attending a live webinar or seminar with one of our three Board Certified physicians.


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