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Get Rid of Knee Pain and Explore 8 of the Best Ski Resorts Near Pittsburgh, PA

Together, Dr. Lieber and I have treated over 60,000 patients. We’re experts in getting weekend warriors, runners, golfers, skiers and others out of pain and back to the things they love. In this blog, I’ll re-tell the story of a skier/patient treated by Dr. Lieber. The story was originally shared when we were both interviewed on KDKA radio.

Don’t Miss Out on Ski Season due Joint Pain

If you’re anything like one of our former patients, Teo Balbach, you can’t wait to hit the slopes and enjoy the festivities of the upcoming winter season. Looking at Teo now, you probably wouldn’t know that prior to his procedure with Regenexx, he was actually missing out on ski season and so much more due to knee pain.

Read on to learn more about how Teo got his knees ski-ready again. And to motivate sidelined skiers, we feature 8 of the best winter resorts near Pittsburgh to explore this season. A Regenexx procedure this fall can have you back on the slopes with ski season to spare.


The Story of Teo Balbach: From Debilitating Pain to Ski-Ready Knees

About 10 years ago, the former collegiate athlete’s knee began to fail him with the pain slowly getting worse and worse each year. It was the result of a 25-year-old knee reconstruction surgery to mend a torn ACL wearing off. Now the CEO of a company closely connected with professional sports leagues, Teo’s demanding travel schedule became burdensome with his knee swelling up during long flights. Teo was unable to even sleep through the pain at night. He found himself considering total knee replacement at the mere age of 50. Through intense research on available treatment options and consulting with his professional sports connections, Teo made the drive from his hometown of Buffalo, NY into the office of Dr. Lieber with Regenexx Pittsburgh.

Dr. Lieber found Teo’s knee riddled with many problematic ligaments and arthritis. He then conducted a procedure using bone marrow concentrate containing Teo’s own live stem cells, addressing the troublesome ligaments around Teo’s knee under x-ray and ultrasound guidance. About one month later, Teo’s knee was feeling better and he was back to a quality of life he hadn’t known in years.

With regenerative procedures there is quick healing, and then the joint continues to improve over time. Now a year and a half out from the procedure, Teo isn’t missing out on a single thing because of pain. He enjoys biking and skiing with his sons, traveling for work is as seamless as ever, and sleeping through the night is no novelty. “It took 10 years off my knee,” Teo said. You can read Teo’s full story here.

A Regenexx Orthopedic Procedure in Fall Can Have you Ready for the Winter Slopes

If you’re looking into all the treatment options for your knee pain, you may have considered knee replacement surgery. Teo himself looked into this option, but none of his research or professional sports connections recommended it. That is simply because knee replacement is a massive, invasive surgery that takes about a year to fully recover from and poses a multitude of risks. Compare that to the 3 months post-procedure it took for Teo’s knee to feel better than it had in 10 years, quickly putting him back on the slopes with his boys and enjoying every minute. Opting for a procedure with us this fall could mean you don’t have to miss out on ski season either.

8 Can’t-Miss Winter Resorts Near Pittsburgh

If you’re thinking about hitting the slopes this year like Teo, we’ve come up with a list of resorts within 200 miles that won’t disappoint. And if you happen to run into Teo and his sons out there – be sure to tell them “hello” from your friends at Regenexx!

1. Seven Springs Mountain Resort – Seven Springs, PA

Photo From: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g52343-d96331-i36864403-Seven_Springs_Mountain_Resort-Champion_Pennsylvania.html


Weekend All-Day Lift Pass: $95

Distance from Pittsburgh: 60 Miles

Snow Report: Track Here

The ski season at Seven Springs Resort typically begins on Black Friday and continues through mid-April, weather permitting. All winter long, the resort offers skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. It also hosts other events throughout the year such as the adventure race Mud on the Mountain, Brewski Fest, Rib & Wing Festival, Wine Festival, Autumnfest and Pond Skim [1].

2. Hidden Valley Ski Resort – Hidden Valley, PA

Photo from: http://www.hiddenvalleyresort.com/winter/ski-and-ride/season-passes/passholder-offers/


Weekend All-Day Lift Pass: $50

Distance from Pittsburgh: 58 Miles

Snow Report: Track Here

Hidden Valley Resort has 26 slopes and trails, two Terrain Parks, and nine lifts that guarantee a fun-filled day of skiing and snowboarding. It is also only a short drive to many great attractions in the Laurel Highlands Region of Pennsylvania [2].


3. Laurel Mountain Ski Resort – Boswell, PA

Photo from: https://www.laurelmountainski.com/


Weekend All-Day Lift Pass: $61

Distance from Pittsburgh: 61 Miles

Snow Report: Track Here


Once known as the Ski Capital of Pennsylvania, Laurel Mountain boasts the highest vertical drop on the Laurel Ridge in Pennsylvania at 800 feet. The mountain is also famous for its double diamond Lower Wildcat Slope, one of the steepest in the state – averaging near 60% grade and reaching 72% at its steepest point [3].

4. Nutting Winter Sports Complex at Oglebay – Wheeling, WV

Photo from:https://www.theintelligencer.net/news/community/2020/12/skiers-hit-the-slopes-at-oglebay/

Weekend All-Day Lift Pass: $28

Distance from Pittsburgh: 58 Miles

Snow Report: Track Here

The history of Oglebay can be traced to the late 1700’s, when it was first simply a farm. The ski area at Oglebay reopened in 2004 after a $1.2 million upgrade that included a triple chair lift, snow-making equipment, and rental skis and snowboards [4].



5. Boyce Park – Plum, PA

Photo from:https://alleghenycounty.us/special-events/boyce-park-skiing—snow-tubing.aspx

Weekend All-Day Lift Pass: $32

Distance from Pittsburgh: 17 Miles

Snow Report: Track Here

Measuring over 1,096 acres, Boyce Park features the only downhill skiing and snow tubing hills available in Allegheny County. The Boyce Park Ski Slopes & Snow Tubing Area are open December through mid-March (weather and conditions permitting) [5].


6. Wisp Resort – McHenry, MD

Photo from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/188799409352623152

Weekend All-Day Lift Pass: $84

Distance from Pittsburgh: 126 Miles

Snow Report: Track Here

Wisp Resort boasts an impressive trail system of 33 slopes, totaling 11 miles of trails on 137 acres, with slope difficulties ranging from beginner to expert. 90% of its skiable terrain is equipped for snowmaking in addition to an average snowfall of 100” annually. Whether you go snowboarding, skiing, or tubing, you’re sure to enjoy some serious snow [6]!

7.  Peek’N Peak Resort – Clymer, NY

Photo from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/188799409352623152/


Weekend All-Day Lift Pass: $71

Distance from Pittsburgh: 126 Miles

Snow Report: Track Here

Just over the Pennsylvania/New York border is Peek’N Peak Resort, which features 27 skiing and snowboarding trails, three progressive terrain parks, and 14 snow tubing lanes. One of its fun features includes Lunar Lights, an ever-changing light show that pulses, fades and changes in coordination with an immersive sound system [7].

8. Holiday Valley Resort – Ellicottville, NY

Photo from: https://www.holidayvalley.com/winter/tickets/

Weekend All-Day Lift Pass: $87

Distance from Pittsburgh: 204 Miles

Snow Report: Track Here

If you’re looking for a little road trip away from the ‘Burgh, Holiday Valley is the perfect getaway. The ski mountain is the flagship attraction at Holiday Valley, holding 56 slopes and 13 ski lifts. It is part of the ski country belt that runs through Western New York and is the main tourist attraction of the area [8].

Get Your Knees Ready to Fight the Pennsylvania Cold

Even if ski resorts aren’t really your thing, the cold temperatures of winter time can be particularly brutal for those suffering cold-induced arthritis. One theory suggests this is due to drops in barometric pressure, which cause tendons, muscles and the surrounding tissues to expand and cause pain in arthritic joints [9].

So, whether you’re gearing up for a season full of winter weather activities, or just trying to survive the cold pain-free, it may be time to consider a procedure with Regenexx.

To learn more and find out if a Regenexx procedure is what you need for your osteoarthritis pain, click “Talk to an Expert” below.



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