Thank You

Thank you for contacting us.

One of our Regenerative Medicine Consultants will reach out to you soon to answer any questions, and to set you up for a new patient evaluation.

New Patients Can Save Time

New patients can save time, and get back to doing the things they love faster, and without surgery by:
  1. Download and fill out new patient forms below then bring them with you to your patient evaluation, to move quickly from car-to-exam-room. There is a welcome letter and three forms including request for Xray or MRI films/disc.
  2. Gather your medical and imaging records. Ask your doctor, or call one of our patient liaisons at 412-9630-6480 to assist you with the process. Review of recent medical records and imaging will help our doctors form a comprehensive picture of your injury, so we can determine if you are a candidate and to recommend best care.

Patient Evaluation

Once we have your records, we’ll schedule a patient evaluation. During this short but comprehensive medical evaluation, our expert medical staff will determine the location and extent of your injury, and they will set a treatment plan designed to give you the best results. After the patient evaluation, if you are a candidate, we’ll schedule you for a procedure.

Schedule Your Procedure

After the patient evaluation, if you are a candidate, we’ll schedule you for a procedure. All of our procedures are minimally invasive and performed as same-day, outpatient procedures.

Post-Procedure Follow-ups

We’ll schedule follow-ups with our team of medical professionals to ensure your continued improvement post-procedure. We’ll also help you schedule any rehabilitation or physical therapy required. Follow-up evaluations allow us to track your recovery process and against an ever-growing database of over 100,000 Regenexx procedure results.

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